How Oracle NetSuite in Miami Relates to Biology

CEO Carlos Zumaeta explains the 5 main challenges that every business should know when implementing NetSuite in Latin America.

This is how CRM’s are related to biology, specifically natural selection and evolutionary theory.

Don’t worry, we won’t get into Biology 101, we’re not in high school anymore, but just to be clear CRM’s have nothing to do with photosynthesis.

Lets first begin with the question…”How do businesses work?”

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This is how

Businesses work like the food chain, there are a lot of businesses at the bottom and only a few make it to the top . Those who make it to the top are the succesfull onels, meaning they’ve branched out met their goals, probably meeting their goals within the year, week, month, or in general.

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What happens to the successful business?

Businesses with the highest chance of survival are the ones that have the best adaptability. In order to adapt you’ll have to be able to incorporate the newest Softwares in the market that of course, most benefit your specific industry requirements.

Manufacturing, media, IT services, software, wholesale distribution, health&beauty, retail, education, consulting and much more!

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What now?

What is on the market now that can help your business expand, grow and incorporate the newest technology? NetSuite Cloud Services CRM ERP (Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning) which will help you be more organized and make your business more efficient.

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