NetSuite in Latin America and Multi-Booking

So, what is multi-booking?

At whatever point a similar business occasion requires distinctive bookkeeping/accounting treatments, regardless of whether due to the business explicit guidelines (industry-specific rules), nation explicit principles or both, different reporting outcomes will occur. So as to report financial results inside consistence dependent on different bookkeeping principles simultaneously, bookkeeping divisions/accounting departments would now be able to use NetSuite Multi-Book to agree to numerous arrangement of monetary books in parallel, and issue your budget reports/financial statements as per whichever bookkeeping norms are required…following the accounting standards

If you are in need of a multi-booking feature, implement Oracle NetSuite from OneSystem LatAm for the first steps! OneSystem LatAm is certified by NetSuite to implement the multi-booking feature!

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Key Features

  • Book specific chart of accounts, general ledger, accounting rules and financial reporting.
  • Pre-built mapping from one transaction to multiple books.
  • Foreign currency management per book.
  • SuiteCloud Platform support for customizing business process.

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Key Benefits

The cloud-based ERP, NetSuite and its Multi-Book feature provides powerful capabilities that help companies achieve
these benefits:

  • Optimize the financial close process with concurrent posting to all books as your business transaction occur, rather than waiting ‘after the fact’ until the end of the period to replicate data entry and post adjustments.
  • Ongoing compliance to make the necessary customizations in your accounting processes.The synergy between the NetSuite MultiBook accounting engine and OneSystem LatAm’s support enables accounting and business users to implement custom solutions easily and make timely adjustments to comply with changes in accounting regulations.
  • Real-time visibility to see accurate flash report financials for any book, anytime.
  • Effective financial management across the enterprise with subsidiary-book relationship mapping capabilities to perform financial reporting and analysis accurately.

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